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Data-Driven Strategy: How To Achieve It During The Tough Times?

Ilunion, the famous hotel chain in Spain, has a special feature compared to its competitors that every task are built on the most powerful tools to solve contemporary problems. In January 2017, Ilunion began providing detailed information about the company’s reservations and revenue for managers and employees so they could make smarter decisions. The company system consolidates more than 12 million data points from different sources and presents it via a user-friendly dashboard. This summary of information displays key figures such as average sales, room rates and occupancy rates of each hotel, divided by market and channel. This allows managers

3 Types Of Decisions That Actually Helps Leaders Shape Out Their Companies

A recent survey showed that there are more than 1,200 senior managers at global companies feeling uncertain throughout the decision making process: from process-making to keeping pace with each decision and outputs of that decision. Nearly 50% of respondents said that decision making was timely, but 61% said that more than half of the time spent on decision making was ineffective. The opportunity cost of this is huge: about 530,000 workdays of senior managers who are squandered if they are in the Fortune 500 companies, equivalent to $ 250 million for the time of decision-making only. Here are three keys