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Work-life Balance


Good work and how to achieve it

In the last few years, finding leaders’ innovative and creative talents has become an arms race. In order to attract the best and smartest people, whether young or old, companies need to seek answers to questions that come from the practicalities of daily life about the value of human activity at work. Since then, the definition of “Good work” was born. The “Good Work” that people desire must include the following two values: learning valuable experiences and desires to contribute to employees’ own values to their companies.   Today, how do people define “good work“? First of all, it is

Workaholics and surprising fact about their health

Do leaders in their time recognize “special” employees when they spend more time on work than necessary? And when not in the office, is work their only concern? If a leader sees that, chances are these employees are workaholics, and this is not a good sign. But surprisingly, the most recent studies show that workaholics are good for their health. Who are Workaholics? The definition of workaholics has appeared many years ago, mainly based on the motivation, cognition, emotion and behaviors of workaholics to accurately identify their desires at work. There are many reasons for overwork: Motivation: Workaholics are often

6 ways entrepreneurs can take advantage of stress and turn it into an valuable asset

At some time in one’s career, they will have to face workplace stress, which can interfere with their productivity and performance, jeopardize relationships, and even lead to serious physical and mental health issues. While these risks are real, research has shown that if managed appropriately, work strain might become a valuable asset to one and enhance their job satisfaction and performance as a whole. Understanding the source of stress and taking these crucial steps below will help entrepreneurs effectively regain control and thrive under difficult situations. What is stress? How does it affect people? Stress is a feeling that people